Re: [fw-wiz] Statistics for Firewalls

From: Volker Tanger (
Date: 09/10/02

From: Volker Tanger <>
To: "Sutantyo, Danny" <>
Date: Tue Sep 10 14:05:02 2002


Sutantyo, Danny wrote:
> Has anybody done statistics from Cisco PIX firewall or CheckPoint FW-1
> firewall?
> My boss wants to have a report every week something like a graph that
> contains protocol, bandwidth, load, etc...

fwlogsum, for example - or WebTrends. Maybe give Analog with a custom
logfile format entry a try.

> So I know CheckPoint FW-1 has a module but from some people don't recommend
> to use that module because it will increase the load of the production
> FW-1.

Yes - if you want to know the bytes transferred you will need to switch
from "short" or "long" tracking to "accounting" - which in return will
increase the load. If your machine is not maxed out already, you should
try the increased "accounting" logging.

> So the only way I can do is to export the log from the GUI to ASCII and do
> it in Excel, but the problem is that the log viewer does not tell me the
> bandwidth, just the number of event.

Aha - using excel indicates a low traffic site as the excel sheet
otherwise exceeds bonds way too quickly. For bigger logfile you will
have to use specialized tools.


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