[fw-wiz] Statistics for Firewalls

From: Sutantyo, Danny (DSutantyo@livingstonintl.com)
Date: 09/10/02

From: "Sutantyo, Danny" <DSutantyo@livingstonintl.com>
To: firewall-wizards@honor.icsalabs.com, firewall-wizards@nfr.com
Date: Tue Sep 10 10:36:03 2002

Has anybody done statistics from Cisco PIX firewall or CheckPoint FW-1

My boss wants to have a report every week something like a graph that
contains protocol, bandwidth, load, etc...

So I know CheckPoint FW-1 has a module but from some people don't recommend
to use that module because it will increase the load of the production FW-1.

So the only way I can do is to export the log from the GUI to ASCII and do
it in Excel, but the problem is that the log viewer does not tell me the
bandwidth, just the number of event.
I have tried to use "fw log" but the the log file is huge just within few

Same thing with Cisco PIX fw, I have no idea to do this unless CiscoWorks
has that kind of capabilities.

If you could help I'd appreciate it.

THanks in advance...