Re: [fw-wiz] concerning ~el8 / project mayhem

From: Dave Piscitello (
Date: 08/21/02

From: Dave Piscitello <>
Date: Wed Aug 21 21:23:18 2002

Scanners raise the competency levels of individuals who aren't quite as
capable as Paul and others he and we might all identify as his equals.

IMO, vulnerability assessment tools are too often too complex for those who
need them, and too slow for those who do not.

At 12:28 PM 8/21/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>My conclusions: scanners are good to find human errors (mostly, silly
>mistakes, but that is besides the point. they might be silly, but still
>popular) in configs remotely. They make sense in addition to config
>verification, not instead of it.

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