[fw-wiz] Warchalking?

From: Paul D. Robertson (proberts@patriot.net)
Date: 08/21/02

From: "Paul D. Robertson" <proberts@patriot.net>
To: <firewall-wizards@honor.trusecure.com>
Date: Wed Aug 21 09:28:01 2002

The press seems eager to latch on to "Warchalking"[1] as "popular"- but it
seems to me that other than those offering their own bandwidth- people
would be rather silly to leave evidence of "borrowing" 3rd party bandwidth
and leaving evidence in a place that's visible enough for the unsuspecting
host to find.

Has anyone seen any evidence of it's popularity, or are we subject to the
usual press frenzy about anything they consider "sexy?"

I'm guessing that if it is indeed popular, it's in places like NYC and SF-
where I don't get a lot of time to wander around looking for chalk marks.

Anyway, I'd appreaciate any comments- if you want to reply off-list (or if
it's must "nope, haven't seen it" or "Yep, saw some"- I'll probably
summarize the responses for the list. Preferred would be "I work in
Manhattan and I've yet to see a scribble," or "Out here in Toronto, Canada
they're all over the place, I've seen 14 this week!"


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