Re: [fw-wiz] PIX vs Checkpoint vs Sonicwall vs Netscreen - comments?

From: Vladimir Parkhaev (
Date: 07/29/02

From: Vladimir Parkhaev <>
Date: Mon Jul 29 17:35:02 2002

Quoting Garcia, Nicholas A (
> I have a 5xp at home (Netscreen). I used to own a Watchguard FBII and I
> have used Raptor (Velociraptor), and Checkpoint on Nokia. I still love
> the Netscreen. The new OS coming out is a major improvement in
> usability too.

Can't keep my mouth shut anymore.... I managed them all - FW1, Pixes and
Netscreen and in my opinion, Netscreen is the best all around product:
1. easy to manage for CLI challanged
2. full blown CLI for UNIX dudes
3. very stable and performant
4. reasonably priced
5. no window$ invloved ( why FW1 is still around? )