Re: [fw-wiz] FW1 related...

From: Volker Tanger (
Date: 07/24/02

From: Volker Tanger <>
To: Dominik Miklaszewski <>
Date: Wed Jul 24 04:01:17 2002


Dominik Miklaszewski wrote:
> Jean Caron wrote:
> >
> > I need to convert a FW1 ruleset to PIX. I'm looking for a way to
> > "dump" the config. I'm not very familiar with FW1, is there an
> > easy way to do this ?
> there are scripts that let you dump all your object definition and rules
> into a text and quite readable format,
> although don't expect it magically converts these things into pix syntax
> :) it worked for my 4.0/4.1 stuff..

FW1Rules can dump configurations into a number of formats (TXT, HTML,
CSV-files) and into user-definable templates (quite a number are already

Please download the current version 7.2.10 from the FW1Rules homepage at as Phoneboy is a few weeks behind
and only has the outdated 7.2.7 copy.


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