Re: [fw-wiz] FWTK and smap/smapd

From: Roger Marquis (
Date: 07/17/02

From: Roger Marquis <>
Date: Wed Jul 17 16:53:01 2002

Rick Murphy wrote:
>Like? Examples, lots of them (or at least one).
>Much of the spam I used to receive came from forged accounts.
>Very little spam actually comes from hotmail, so I don't want to just block
>them since there are some legitimate correspondents of mine that use their
>mail (heck, I use a hotmail address sometimes when I'm on the road..)

Ron Guilmette has patches that do this for Postfix at
<>. I
tried them but had too many false positives, even for the commonly
forged domains like hotmail. They did catch some spam though it
never more than 2 or 3% of the daily filtered total.

Roger Marquis
Roble Systems Consulting

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