Re: [fw-wiz] FWTK and smap/smapd

From: Joseph S D Yao (
Date: 07/17/02

From: Joseph S D Yao <>
To: Roger Marquis <>
Date: Wed Jul 17 13:16:00 2002

On Wed, Jul 17, 2002 at 08:20:27AM -0700, Roger Marquis wrote:
> Postfix's smtpd is essentially smap on steroids. ...

I did not know that the Obtuse 'smtpd' was being distributed with
'postfix'. It does roughly the same thing as 'smap'.

I would not consider "using 'postfix' as a proxy" to be the same thing
as "using 'smtpd' as a proxy," however. The latter is better then the
former. I don't know if anyone has gone through it with an eye to
security auditing, though. I would appreciate hearing if anyone has.

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