RE: [fw-wiz] Cisco 2621 opinions

From: Henry Sieff (
Date: 07/13/02

From: Henry Sieff <>
To: 'joe macdonald' <>,
Date: Sat Jul 13 21:10:02 2002

Joe: I have done this.

They work pretty well, if you just need packet filtering. Using
reflexive access lists, you can get session state for tcp (it just
uses timeouts for udp). If you've worked with ipchains, the biggest
change to remember is that first matching rule applies (not last).

Capacity wise, I have used them on T1's without a problem. Good rule
planning is essential.

Logging is done via syslog (no real time)

As for more advanced features, you can puchase the Firewall Feature
set which gives you actual (basic) content inspection for well known
protocols like http and smtp, and better tools for blocking DDOS and
java, and the ability to set up real time alerting.

The biggest problem I think would be that the 2600 series supports
only telnet (and direct console) connects to the router itself, which
makes remote admin a little sketchy; no ssh, which is a glaring

But for your purposes, that may not matter.

Learning curve would be negligible; not alot of gotchas, and the cisco
web site has lots of documentation (although it can be hard to find.)

Hope that helps; feel free to ask followups.

Henry SIeff

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> Subject: [fw-wiz] Cisco 2621 opinions
> Hello all,
> I have a rather simple question that I would
> appreciate feedback on.
> I have a network of about 175 computers that I'm
> looking to put behind a Cisco 2621 router and also
> deploy it as a firewall. I'm new to the Cisco world,
> so I'm wondering how well these devices work as a
> router/firewall and how drastic the learning curve
> will be (I have deployed firewalls in the past using
> ipfw, iptables, ipchains on Unix systems). Also, my
> network isn't very big, but is the 2621 a suitable
> choice, or would a higher end model be necessary?
> Would a PIX be able to do this job better? (it's not
> exactly a comlpex routing situation, but is the PIX
> strickly a firewall?)
> Thanks. Any opinions are greatly appreciated.
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