US-CERT Technical Cyber Security Alert TA07-005A -- Apple QuickTime RTSP Buffer Overflow

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National Cyber Alert System

Technical Cyber Security Alert TA07-005A

Apple QuickTime RTSP Buffer Overflow

Original release date: January 05, 2007
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Source: US-CERT

Systems Affected

Apple QuickTime on systems running

* Apple Mac OS X

* Microsoft Windows

Note that Apple iTunes and other software using the vulnerable
QuickTime components are also affected.


Apple QuickTime contains a buffer overflow in the handling of RTSP
URLs. This can allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on a
vulnerable system.

I. Description

A vulnerability exists in the way Apple QuickTime handles specially
crafted Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) URL strings. Public
exploit code is available that demonstrates how opening a .QTL file
triggers the buffer overflow. However, we have confirmed that other
attack vectors for the vulnerability also exist.

Possible attack vectors include

* a web page that uses the QuickTime plug-in or ActiveX control

* a web page that uses the rtsp:// protocol

* a file that is associated with the QuickTime Player

US-CERT is tracking this issue as VU#442497. This reference number
corresponds to CVE-2007-0015.

Note that this vulnerability affects QuickTime on Microsoft Windows
and Apple Mac platforms. Although web pages can be used as attack
vectors, this vulnerability is not dependent on the specific web
browser that is used.

II. Impact

By convincing a user to open specially crafted QuickTime content, a
remote, unauthenticated attacker can execute arbitrary code on a
vulnerable system.

III. Solution

We are currently unaware of a solution to this problem. Until a
solution becomes available, the workarounds provided in US-CERT
Vulnerability Note VU#442497 are strongly encouraged.


IV. References

* US-CERT Vulnerability Note VU#442497 -

* Securing Your Web Browser -

* CVE-2007-0015 -


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